kfp package

kfp.run_pipeline_func_on_cluster(pipeline_func: Callable, arguments: Mapping[str, str], run_name: str = None, experiment_name: str = None, kfp_client: kfp._client.Client = None, pipeline_conf: kfp.dsl._pipeline.PipelineConf = None)[source]

Runs pipeline on KFP-enabled Kubernetes cluster. This command compiles the pipeline function, creates or gets an experiment and submits the pipeline for execution.

  • pipeline_func – A function that describes a pipeline by calling components and composing them into execution graph.
  • arguments – Arguments to the pipeline function provided as a dict.
  • run_name – Optional. Name of the run to be shown in the UI.
  • experiment_name – Optional. Name of the experiment to add the run to.
  • kfp_client – Optional. An instance of kfp.Client configured for the desired KFP cluster.
  • pipeline_conf – Optional. kfp.dsl.PipelineConf instance. Can specify op transforms, image pull secrets and other pipeline-level configuration options.ta