kfp.dsl.types module

class kfp.dsl.types.BaseType[source]

Bases: object

BaseType is a base type for all scalar and artifact types.

to_dict() → Union[Dict[KT, VT], str][source]

to_dict serializes the type instance into a python dictionary or string

class kfp.dsl.types.Bool[source]

Bases: kfp.dsl.types.BaseType

class kfp.dsl.types.Dict[source]

Bases: kfp.dsl.types.BaseType

class kfp.dsl.types.Float[source]

Bases: kfp.dsl.types.BaseType

class kfp.dsl.types.GCPProjectID[source]

Bases: kfp.dsl.types.BaseType

MetaGCPProjectID: GCP project id

class kfp.dsl.types.GCPRegion[source]

Bases: kfp.dsl.types.BaseType

class kfp.dsl.types.GCRPath[source]

Bases: kfp.dsl.types.BaseType

class kfp.dsl.types.GCSPath[source]

Bases: kfp.dsl.types.BaseType

exception kfp.dsl.types.InconsistentTypeException[source]

Bases: Exception

InconsistencyTypeException is raised when two types are not consistent

exception kfp.dsl.types.InconsistentTypeWarning[source]

Bases: Warning

InconsistentTypeWarning is issued when two types are not consistent

class kfp.dsl.types.Integer[source]

Bases: kfp.dsl.types.BaseType

class kfp.dsl.types.List[source]

Bases: kfp.dsl.types.BaseType

class kfp.dsl.types.LocalPath[source]

Bases: kfp.dsl.types.BaseType

class kfp.dsl.types.String[source]

Bases: kfp.dsl.types.BaseType

kfp.dsl.types.check_types(checked_type, expected_type)[source]

check_types checks the type consistency. For each of the attribute in checked_type, there is the same attribute in expected_type with the same value. However, expected_type could contain more attributes that checked_type does not contain. :param checked_type: it describes a type from the upstream component output :type checked_type: BaseType/str/dict :param expected_type: it describes a type from the downstream component input :type expected_type: BaseType/str/dict

kfp.dsl.types.verify_type_compatibility(given_type: Union[str, kfp.dsl.types.Dict], expected_type: Union[str, kfp.dsl.types.Dict], error_message_prefix: str = '')[source]

verify_type_compatibility verifies that the given argument type is compatible with the expected input type. :param given_type: The type of the argument passed to the input :type given_type: str/dict :param expected_type: The declared type of the input :type expected_type: str/dict