Source code for kfp.dsl._volume_op

# Copyright 2019 The Kubeflow Authors
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.

import re
from typing import List, Dict
from kubernetes.client.models import (V1ObjectMeta, V1ResourceRequirements,

from ._resource_op import ResourceOp
from ._pipeline_param import (PipelineParam, match_serialized_pipelineparam,
from ._pipeline_volume import PipelineVolume

VOLUME_MODE_RWO = ["ReadWriteOnce"]
VOLUME_MODE_RWM = ["ReadWriteMany"]
VOLUME_MODE_ROM = ["ReadOnlyMany"]

[docs]class VolumeOp(ResourceOp): """Represents an op which will be translated into a resource template which will be creating a PVC. TODO( Determine the stability level of this feature. Args: resource_name: A desired name for the PVC which will be created size: The size of the PVC which will be created storage_class: The storage class to use for the dynamically created PVC modes: The access modes for the PVC annotations: Annotations to be patched in the PVC data_source: May be a V1TypedLocalObjectReference, and then it is used in the data_source field of the PVC as is. Can also be a string/PipelineParam, and in that case it will be used as a VolumeSnapshot name (Alpha feature) volume_name: VolumeName is the binding reference to the PersistentVolume backing this claim. generate_unique_name: Generate unique name for the PVC kwargs: See :py:class:`kfp.dsl.ResourceOp` Raises: ValueError: if k8s_resource is provided along with other arguments if k8s_resource is not a V1PersistentVolumeClaim if size is None if size is an invalid memory string (when not a PipelineParam) if data_source is not one of (str, PipelineParam, V1TypedLocalObjectReference) """ def __init__(self, resource_name: str = None, size: str = None, storage_class: str = None, modes: List[str] = None, annotations: Dict[str, str] = None, data_source=None, volume_name=None, generate_unique_name: bool = True, **kwargs): # Add size to attribute outputs self.attribute_outputs = {"size": "{}"} if "k8s_resource" in kwargs: if resource_name or size or storage_class or modes or annotations: raise ValueError("You cannot provide k8s_resource along with " "other arguments.") if not isinstance(kwargs["k8s_resource"], V1PersistentVolumeClaim): raise ValueError("k8s_resource in VolumeOp must be an instance" " of V1PersistentVolumeClaim") super().__init__(**kwargs) self.volume = PipelineVolume( name=sanitize_k8s_name(, pvc=self.outputs["name"]) return if not size: raise ValueError("Please provide size") elif not match_serialized_pipelineparam(str(size)): self._validate_memory_string(size) if data_source and not isinstance( data_source, (str, PipelineParam, V1TypedLocalObjectReference)): raise ValueError("data_source can be one of (str, PipelineParam, " "V1TypedLocalObjectReference).") if data_source and isinstance(data_source, (str, PipelineParam)): data_source = V1TypedLocalObjectReference( api_group="", kind="VolumeSnapshot", name=data_source) # Set the k8s_resource if not match_serialized_pipelineparam(str(resource_name)): resource_name = sanitize_k8s_name(resource_name) pvc_metadata = V1ObjectMeta( name="{{}}-%s" % resource_name if generate_unique_name else resource_name, annotations=annotations) requested_resources = V1ResourceRequirements(requests={"storage": size}) pvc_spec = V1PersistentVolumeClaimSpec( access_modes=modes or VOLUME_MODE_RWM, resources=requested_resources, storage_class_name=storage_class, data_source=data_source, volume_name=volume_name) k8s_resource = V1PersistentVolumeClaim( api_version="v1", kind="PersistentVolumeClaim", metadata=pvc_metadata, spec=pvc_spec) super().__init__( k8s_resource=k8s_resource, **kwargs, ) self.volume = PipelineVolume( name=sanitize_k8s_name(, pvc=self.outputs["name"]) def _validate_memory_string(self, memory_string): """Validate a given string is valid for memory request or limit.""" if re.match(r"^[0-9]+(E|Ei|P|Pi|T|Ti|G|Gi|M|Mi|K|Ki){0,1}$", memory_string) is None: raise ValueError("Invalid memory string. Should be an integer, " + "or integer followed by one of " + '"E|Ei|P|Pi|T|Ti|G|Gi|M|Mi|K|Ki"')